discus maximus :)

my new mother got me this really cool toy!  it has a name: DISCUS MAXIMUS.  she says it is soooo strong that it will survive all my biting ans chewing attempts. It is a disc shape thing she throws...  when she throws it i got butterflies flying in my tummy.  i run and catch it no matter what!  and when i catch it i never ever want to let go :)  but this lady is funny.  she always finds a way that would make me drop it. thank god she throws it again so we can have more fun.  
the other day my mother took me to my veterinarian.  i don't like the smell of the vet's clinic. it smells medicine.   but there's nicole.  when she comes and picks me up... oh she smells like flowers and it eases the funny hurt i get when i get scared behind my nose.  so nicole picked me up again from my mother's hands and took me to another room.  i heard them mouthing vaccines... what is a vaccine?  oh the pointy, pinchy needle things???  they stuck the pointy pinch needles on my behind not just once but three times!  ouch that hurt... i bit my tongue.  i was tooooo scared to say "woof"!  thought they might have to start all over again.  when nicole brought me back to my mother, she said how brave i was.  she said i didn't even say ouch!  well how could i ?  oh thank god, nicole smells like flowers... it eased my hurt, too.  my mother was proud!  she said  i was as strong as the discus maximus... now that made me proud.  so i memorized the word vaccine.   next time i go to the  i will ask for another vaccine, cause the pinching and the hurt is only for a minute, but being as strong as a discus maximus stays with me at least a whole day!  

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