a play date with my friend lala :)

the other day my mother had to go somewhere, and i got a play date with lala.  lala is my friend.  she is not too big but very brave and strong.  well she is a mature girl.  
first lala wanted to play house.  i was her baby and she was my mommy.  i was bored and embarrassed. to play something else i asked if she had any stuffed toys.  so she showed me her toys.  when i took my favorite and started to doing my chewy dewy she got upset with me. 

 i told her what i learned from my mother: "sharing is caring."  but she simply said: "berry i simply don't care for you if you chew my toy to pieces."  so i stopped and dropped her toy. lala was happy... and her mother mother said she was impressed.  i gave lala a hug and she accepted to play rough.  i like lala.  her breath smells like bacon :)

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