saying "woof" is not hard

this has been a great adventure so far.  i have a new home.  it took us 2 hours in a metal box on wheels to come home from the crowded and noisy place where i left my friend sally behind.  this metal box on wheels they call a "car" makes me dizzy.  my tummy is pulled back while we go forward.  new home is nice.  there is plenty of food and cookies.  there is a yard we go out to play.  i like the trees and all different smells that tickle my nose when whiff.   
i have two 2legged sisters  in my new family.  i kind of like them.  they let me play with them, and when i cry they come running.  the older 2 legged lady is the mother of this house.  she makes me feel safe.  i love the food she gives me.  my new mommy took me to a puppy school.  my best friend at school is ferris.  he is a golden retriever and twice my size.  ferris and i, we like playing rough.  our teacher mrs.hodgson is sweet.  she never gets upset when we growl or make an accident.  
she helped us spell some words.  the first word we learned was m-a-t : mat.  a mat is a soft bed i can sit or sleep on.  ferris and i got treats when we spelled right.  i like school :)


my first days of being me...

they say i was born sometime in mid june ... well, who knows?  i don't know myself!  
i have four legs and four paws, all black!  my one head, two eyes, two ears, one tail are all black.  i have short black hair.  
after a very long journey, i was put in a small fenced placed called a cage...  i don't remember much of my story before the journey.  i think there was some sweet food and wet kisses.  oh that must be my mother...  i remember the journey vaguely.  it was long and uncomfortable.  anyways afer a looooong journey there i was in a cage....there were many of us in similar cage boxes.  to be honest i was scared.  it was noisy and crowded.  i remember a lot of eyes looking at me.  some were similar to mine, some were different.  i didn't liked to be looked at but i had worse to come.  
there were two legged big animals who make funny noises with their mouths. i thought they know nothing about barking...   one of those funny animals picked me up took me to a room full of with light and bad smell.  they poked me, pinched me and that hurt! i hauled and they went "husssshhhhhhh"... that sound neither helped with the pain nor helped with my fear!  
after a couple of long sleeping times passed, we had more of those two legged creatures came into our room.  they did nothing but stare and made funny noises with their mouths.  i remember dozing off.  then all of a sudden the door opened.  i thought it was food time.  yes, they gave us some yummy food there in the cages.  but no!  oh the food lady picked me up... i wanted to bark...but to scared to open my mouth.  then two soft arms cuddled me. i put my head on a comfortable and warm body.  i can't remember my mom... but this felt like home!   i also felt smaller bodies around me.  they were making soft sounds with their mouths... one of the little ones said : "berry"  
oh!  how did she know my name?
i thought that this should mean something, and it did.  they picked me up and held me tight  and took me away to a warm and cozy place.  
i didn't have much to pack... nothing to tell you the truth.  so leaving was easy.  i said "bye" to sally from next cage.  she seemed happy in another two legged animal's front paws, which called hands.