saying "woof" is not hard

this has been a great adventure so far.  i have a new home.  it took us 2 hours in a metal box on wheels to come home from the crowded and noisy place where i left my friend sally behind.  this metal box on wheels they call a "car" makes me dizzy.  my tummy is pulled back while we go forward.  new home is nice.  there is plenty of food and cookies.  there is a yard we go out to play.  i like the trees and all different smells that tickle my nose when whiff.   
i have two 2legged sisters  in my new family.  i kind of like them.  they let me play with them, and when i cry they come running.  the older 2 legged lady is the mother of this house.  she makes me feel safe.  i love the food she gives me.  my new mommy took me to a puppy school.  my best friend at school is ferris.  he is a golden retriever and twice my size.  ferris and i, we like playing rough.  our teacher mrs.hodgson is sweet.  she never gets upset when we growl or make an accident.  
she helped us spell some words.  the first word we learned was m-a-t : mat.  a mat is a soft bed i can sit or sleep on.  ferris and i got treats when we spelled right.  i like school :)

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