Just Graduated from Puppy School Level 1

I am so proud of myself.  I went to school for 6 weeks, SIX WEEKS!
I learned to spell the words: MAT, COME, SIT, DOWN and most important I learned to spell my name BERRY.
Both of my parents were soooo proud when I got my certificate.  My father even took a picture of me and my teacher Ms.Hodgson.  Here is our picture:


my grooming report just came!

my mother just received my grooming report.  it says that i behaved well and i have to go back in 6 weeks.  i can't wait!  they also sent my picture before and after grooming :)  look at me!
my mother says i kind of look like dobby "the house elf" in harry potter.  what do you think?


pictures from school and my very first groooooooming session with lovely maribel :)

dear journal,

i have soooo much to tell.  school was more fun this week than ever.  i have pictures to share, too.  my best bud ferris and i had great fun chasing each other.  talullah was absent.  our teacher ms.hodgson was concerned.  i was too.  i like tallulah.  she has a different thing... she even walks different.  very elegant!  we had a new friend.  his name is jackson.  he was as black as i was but with curly hair.  jackson is a poodle.  we tried to play with him but he was too shy.  i really insisted but he kept growling and showing his teeth at me.  oh well, ferris and i had a good tumble.  oh and belle kept on staring at us.  she's soooo cute.  she makes my insides go fuzzy! here's belle:
isn't she pretty.  both ferris and i tried to show off in front of belle.  well i have pictures of us too!  in the first picture ferris is tackling me, but oh in the second one i am tackling ferris down and belle is watching us! no one really wins in our tackle me to the ground game.  we just take turns actually.  it the most fun thing i do!  ferris is a great friend. he even shared is "lickety stik" and his salmon treats with me.  

after this much of playing i got all dirty.  my mother decided to take me grooming at my vet's.  i was scared again.  i didn't like the bathes at the shelter.  what if this would be as cold, as uncomfortable and as lonely as my first bathes ?  the sound of running water makes me dizzy.  i don't like the smelly stuff they put on me.  ok i admit i like the bubbles but not the smell of them. it is too strong for me little nose.  and i want my mommy with me.  so when my mother took me to the vet's  i looked for nicole but she was nowhere to be seen.  i like the other two ladies who always welcome us with smiley faces.  but smiles sometimes just ain't enough to calm my nerves.  then maribel came.  she took me from my mother and took my collar off.  well that felt good already.  i said bye to my mom reluctantly. when maribel took me inside i saw other guys in different cages. great i thought, more friends to play with. but i had to take my bath first.   the water turned out to be nice and warm.  the smelly stuff actually smelled good this time.   maribel cleaned my ears, my nose and filed my nails.  i like the manicure part. but the best part was getting cuddles from maribel.   then maribel blew a lot of warm air on me.  it helped more then shaking my whole body to dry. i have short hair so i was quickly done.  they gave me treats and i got to play with friends too.    oh i am sooo looking forward to go again.  grooming time with maribel is the best :)


i love to play...

i love playing hide and seek... tug... chase... you name it i looooove to play!
here i am hiding from my mother:
 my mother is smart, she always finds me... i don't know how she spots me sooo fast.  our yard is full of with colorful leaves.    i like chasing them. oh this is my mother (the new one) and me.    today i have school so i need to pack my school bag now.  i am so looking forward to see my friends but also scared to go again.  my tummy aches.  i told my mother and she gave me a soft and warm little towel.  we placed it on my mat and i sat on it.  it kind of helped but the i still feel funny.  i will try to take more pictures at school today. 


a play date with my friend lala :)

the other day my mother had to go somewhere, and i got a play date with lala.  lala is my friend.  she is not too big but very brave and strong.  well she is a mature girl.  
first lala wanted to play house.  i was her baby and she was my mommy.  i was bored and embarrassed. to play something else i asked if she had any stuffed toys.  so she showed me her toys.  when i took my favorite and started to doing my chewy dewy she got upset with me. 

 i told her what i learned from my mother: "sharing is caring."  but she simply said: "berry i simply don't care for you if you chew my toy to pieces."  so i stopped and dropped her toy. lala was happy... and her mother mother said she was impressed.  i gave lala a hug and she accepted to play rough.  i like lala.  her breath smells like bacon :)


discus maximus :)

my new mother got me this really cool toy!  it has a name: DISCUS MAXIMUS.  she says it is soooo strong that it will survive all my biting ans chewing attempts. It is a disc shape thing she throws...  when she throws it i got butterflies flying in my tummy.  i run and catch it no matter what!  and when i catch it i never ever want to let go :)  but this lady is funny.  she always finds a way that would make me drop it. thank god she throws it again so we can have more fun.  
the other day my mother took me to my veterinarian.  i don't like the smell of the vet's clinic. it smells medicine.   but there's nicole.  when she comes and picks me up... oh she smells like flowers and it eases the funny hurt i get when i get scared behind my nose.  so nicole picked me up again from my mother's hands and took me to another room.  i heard them mouthing vaccines... what is a vaccine?  oh the pointy, pinchy needle things???  they stuck the pointy pinch needles on my behind not just once but three times!  ouch that hurt... i bit my tongue.  i was tooooo scared to say "woof"!  thought they might have to start all over again.  when nicole brought me back to my mother, she said how brave i was.  she said i didn't even say ouch!  well how could i ?  oh thank god, nicole smells like flowers... it eased my hurt, too.  my mother was proud!  she said  i was as strong as the discus maximus... now that made me proud.  so i memorized the word vaccine.   next time i go to the  i will ask for another vaccine, cause the pinching and the hurt is only for a minute, but being as strong as a discus maximus stays with me at least a whole day!  


my second day at the puppy school...

today was my second day at the puppy school.  my knees didn't want to carry me!  i was so soooo excited and nervous. i wanted to go to school cause everything was new.  play-time with friends is great!  but i also didn't want to go to school...what if ferris and tallulah wouldn't like to play with me.  i am the youngest of my class.   it seems to me that everyone is doing so well but me :( what if they don't like me!  well, i couldn't decide for myself...  my new mommy said attendance is the key to success...and we were on our way to school.  i think i kind of started to like the box on wheels now. oh cars!  i wonder if there are any cars with special doggie seats.  my family doesn't have a special one, so i have to sort of sit or lie down at the back seat.
when we arrived at school i thought i started to see double. there was not just one ferris now, but two!  turns out we have a new friend.  her name is belle and she is also a golden retriever.  she's pretty but she's also older than me.  during class mrs. hodgson  taught us how to wait!  i tried so hard but it took me awhile to understand her.  she makes those funny sounds with her mouth and pulls my leash...  to my utter embarrassment ferris did what she voiced in his first try!  so did tallulah and belle...  i was the last...  
then we went outside!  but mrs.hodgson our teacher showed us how to wait before jumping outside.  there... i was able to do that.  so she told my mother and everyone how smart i was!  i felt like my heart would come out of my mouth... i was sooo happy!  woof  woof :)  well, school wasn't so bad after all.  
p.s.  in this picture i am trying to run to the school but my knees are having a hard time to carry me...