my first days of being me...

they say i was born sometime in mid june ... well, who knows?  i don't know myself!  
i have four legs and four paws, all black!  my one head, two eyes, two ears, one tail are all black.  i have short black hair.  
after a very long journey, i was put in a small fenced placed called a cage...  i don't remember much of my story before the journey.  i think there was some sweet food and wet kisses.  oh that must be my mother...  i remember the journey vaguely.  it was long and uncomfortable.  anyways afer a looooong journey there i was in a cage....there were many of us in similar cage boxes.  to be honest i was scared.  it was noisy and crowded.  i remember a lot of eyes looking at me.  some were similar to mine, some were different.  i didn't liked to be looked at but i had worse to come.  
there were two legged big animals who make funny noises with their mouths. i thought they know nothing about barking...   one of those funny animals picked me up took me to a room full of with light and bad smell.  they poked me, pinched me and that hurt! i hauled and they went "husssshhhhhhh"... that sound neither helped with the pain nor helped with my fear!  
after a couple of long sleeping times passed, we had more of those two legged creatures came into our room.  they did nothing but stare and made funny noises with their mouths.  i remember dozing off.  then all of a sudden the door opened.  i thought it was food time.  yes, they gave us some yummy food there in the cages.  but no!  oh the food lady picked me up... i wanted to bark...but to scared to open my mouth.  then two soft arms cuddled me. i put my head on a comfortable and warm body.  i can't remember my mom... but this felt like home!   i also felt smaller bodies around me.  they were making soft sounds with their mouths... one of the little ones said : "berry"  
oh!  how did she know my name?
i thought that this should mean something, and it did.  they picked me up and held me tight  and took me away to a warm and cozy place.  
i didn't have much to pack... nothing to tell you the truth.  so leaving was easy.  i said "bye" to sally from next cage.  she seemed happy in another two legged animal's front paws, which called hands.

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